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Tips on how to take care of your hair in Summers

Tips on how to take care of your hair in Summers

As women, we face a lot of struggle when it comes to our hair. No matter which women salon Abu Dhabi we visit, we need to do a little extra for the care of our hairs, especially in summers. Men think summers are only harsh on the skin but unfortunately, they affect our hairs too. Women tend to frequently visit a women salon nearby for hair care and other services. However, still they need to put extra efforts in taking care of their hair in summers. Natural and chemical free products should be a wise choice by you and the women salons Dubai you visit for hair care in summers. This is because summers come with excessive heat, humidity and sun which brings about a lot of sweat and damage. Here are few tips on how to protect and care for your hair in the summer season:

  • Cover your hair

Hairstyles Abu Dhabi may be very tempting for you to try on but in summers always remember to cover your hair when in direct sunlight. You could use a scarf or a cap or a hat. This would provide protection from the UV rays of the sun and also help in retaining the moisture of the scalp. Moreover, covering up your hair would reduce the damage cause by the humid wind. Especially if your hair is prone to tangling.

  • Make loose hairstyles

A women salon near me suggests that making loose and comfortable hairstyles is ideal for summers. You can choose among a messy bun or a braid. This would keep your hair in control and also reduce the exposure to the sun. When you choose to make tight hairstyles, your hair shall be pulled and broken as your hair may be dry and brittle from the heat of the sun.

  • Limit the heat

Heat damages your hair, whether from the sun or heated hair tools. You may be a frequent visitor to women salons Dubai where you may get in contact with blow dryers, heat curlers or heat irons. These would make your hair look nice and bouncy at the moment but would damage your hair permanently. The heat of the sun is already providing significant damage to your hair and when you use heated hair styling tools, your hair become very dry and brittle. So, avoid using such hair styling equipment and air dry your hair instead.

  • Use a shampoo that contains UV protection

Just like your skin, your hair also needs UV protection. What you need to do is find a shampoo that has UV protection. You could find or get advice on which shampoo to use from any women salon Abu Dhabi.

If you find difficulty in looking for a shampoo with UV protection, you can simply run your hands through your hair when you apply sunscreen on your body.

  • Rinse your hair with hot oil

A hot oil rinse would be helpful in penetrating the shaft of your hair. You can either do it yourself or visit a women salon nearby. You could use avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil for the rinse. All you need to do is shampoo your hair and then apply the oil from the ends to the roots. Then rinse with water. After that apply the conditioner. You will end up with moisturized hair. Your hair shouldn’t be greasy.

  • Use a sea salt spray

You can make a homemade sea salt spray and apply it while making any hairstyles Abu Dhabi. You can mix one tea spoon of sea salt with one teaspoon of coconut oil and some water. Put this mixture in a handy spray bottle. Now whenever you need a wavy beach look you can spray this mixture on to your hair. The dryness of the salt will be counteracted with the coconut oil.

  • Instead of a brush use a comb that has wide teeth

This is one of the basic tips that any expert would give you regarding taking care of your hair. A wide tooth comb would not let your hair be pulled through when it is wet. Your hair is very fragile when it is wet which is why using a brush would break them easily. Therefore, use a wide tooth comb as it will gently untangle your hair. On the other hand, a brush would pull and break the weak strands.

  • Use a conditioner always

If you think avoiding a conditioner is better in summers as your hair may become greasy, then you are absolutely wrong. A conditioner is important for your hair, even in summers. It makes your hair smooth and soft and protects from damage. You can make your own conditioner by mixing apple cider vinegar with water or you could use shea butter or coconut oil. But this may be a little heavy for some hair types.

The above tips are advised by experts for summer hair care and must be followed for better hair days during the humid summer seasons. You can get special hair care products from salons near you.

You can also take advice from hair experts from the best women salons near you. If you are wondering to yourself, where to find a good women salon near me? Then we have the right platform for you. Visit now and find the nearest beauty salons for women and book an appointment. The website is designed to bring you the best beauty salons in your desired locations.

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