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How to protect your hair from heat damage while styling your hair?

How to protect your hair from heat damage while styling your hair?

When you visit a women salon Abu Dhabi, there is no turning back from the hair styling equipment. You must be ready for hair stylers such as heat curlers, blow dryers, straighteners etc when you ask your hairdresser for some trendy hairstyles Abu Dhabi. You may not realize but all this heat damages your hair immensely. You may be tempted to visit women salons Dubai as all this heat styling would give you and outstanding look but little would you know that your hair is getting extremely damaged. Your hair would soon become brittle, dry and frizzy. This may also result in hair loss. The process of heat damage usually happens as the keratin proteins in the hair strands are damaged due to excessive heat. The keratin protein provide hair with strength and moisture and since it is damaged the hairs become weak and the outer protective layer of the hair is damaged. However, not to worry as we have got you covered on how to protect your hair from heat damage. Next time you visit a women salon nearby, know that those styling equipment could permanently damage your hair.

Below are some tips to avoid heat damage:

  • Limit your heat usage

Whether you choose any women salon near me or you choose to style your hair at home what you need to do is try to limit your heat usage on your precious hairs. If you can not entirely avoid using heat stylers than use the lowest possible heat setting on the irons, blow dryers or curlers. The temperature should not be more than 410-degree F. If you go beyond this temperature than the hair keratin would begin to melt. You must also limit the duration of the heat styler while it is in contact with your hair. For instance, if you are using a heat curler, let your hair be wrapped around it only for 10 seconds. This would minimize the damage.

Moreover, if you like to iron your hair every day, limit using a straightener every day. Skip a day or two.

  • Apply a heat protectant

Many women salons Dubai suggest heat protectants like styling serums etc. These are actually effective. Get a good heat protectant either from a women salon nearby or a beauty store or a super mart. You must use the heat protectant whenever you decide to style your hair with a hot tool. Although many women do question the effectiveness of heat protecting hair sprays and serums but they do work. When you apply a heat protectant spray, it slows down the heat conduction that appears from the heat styling tool on your hair.

  • Don’t use a heat styler on wet hair

You must be very excited to choose one of your favorite hairstyle from the trending hairstyles Abu Dhabi but while using a heat tool for hair styling remember not to use it on damp hair.  Your hairs are sensitive just like your skin. Using a heat styler on wet hair is like frying your hair. Your hair gets damaged the same way your skin gets burnt when it touches a hot iron. It often happens that when we are in a hurry we start curling or ironing our hair while they are wet. Little do we know that we are actually damaging our hairs to the core. Damp or wet hairs are fragile. When the heated tool is used on damp or wet hair it produces steam. This damages the hair strands. Let your hair become completely dry then use such heated tools for styling.

  • Use heat free techniques for styling

There are various techniques for hair styling that do not require the use of heat. Visit any women salon Abu Dhabi and ask them to give you a hair style that is free from heat. You would look as fabulous as you would otherwise. You can opt for foam curlers in order to get tight ringlets. If you want smooth waves then you could choose the self-fastening hook and loop rollers. Moreover, braids and updos are also great alternatives that would give you ravishing look yet save your hair from excessive heat.

However, if your hairs are already damaged, you must work on trying to repair them instead of making them more damaged. The signs of heat damaged hair are obvious. Your hairs would become brittle, frizzy, dull and dry. The sooner you realize your hair is damaged, the better it is. You must immediately switch to a restoring shampoo and a conditioner. This would help nourish and cleanse your hair. Choose a shampoo that has keratin so that your hair gets its strength back and the outer layer is repaired. Moreover, you must avoid coloring your hair when you know your hairs are heat damaged. The chemicals in hair dyes would cause more damage to your fragile hair, making them worse.

Getting a haircut is the ultimate choice you have when you feel there is nothing that can be done to repair your heat damaged hair. You might need a little help in finding the best women salon near me as your hairs would be your priority and you wouldn’t let just any hairdresser to touch them. So, visit and find the best women salons in your location. You will be surprised with what this platform has to offer. Your life will become easier and you can find the best hairdresser in town in just few seconds.

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