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Easy and Fun Hairstyles when you are running late

Easy and Fun Hairstyles when you are running late

Getting ready for a meeting or a special occasion is never easy for women. Especially when you are in a hurry. You may be looking for a women salon nearby so that your dressing up for the special occasion may get easy. However, finding a good women salon Abu Dhabi is not easy these days. can be of great help in looking for suitable women salons Dubai.

The most difficult part of dressing up as a woman is making your hair. Especially in the mornings, when you are getting late for work and your hair is not getting tamed for a suitable hairstyle. You may have knowledge about the latest hairstyles Abu Dhabi but you may have difficulty in selecting the best one for your hair. Moreover, you may want to select the easiest one as you wouldn’t have time for any tricky hairstyles.

For your ease, we have gathered some easy and quick hairstyles for you that you can easily make while you are in a hurry. So now no need to look for women salon near me for dressing up as you can make better hairstyles at home. Below are some hairstyles that you can make in minutes and look your best:

  • A messy bun

If you are in a hurry, you can always count on a messy bun. You don’t have to look for a women salon nearby for a hairdo. Whether a professional meeting or a causal friend’s meetup it is, all you have to do is make a messy bun and look classy and chic. This hairstyle requires less efforts and gives you a polished look as well. All you have to do is comb your hair and make a high ponytail. Once you have made a ponytail, wear a head band. Now twist the hair in your ponytail into a bun. Put about 6 to 7 bobby pins and secure the bun. You can use a pencil or any stick to add some volume to the crown of your head and the bun. And tadaa, your hairstyle is ready.

  • A half up hairstyle

Wondering to yourself which is the best women salon near me for a hairdo? No need to go to a salon. This easy and fun hairstyle is ideal for any event. A grown up half tie gives you a stylish look which would be ideal for a family event or an office meeting. What you need to do is take half of your hair and put it in a half up ponytail while leaving two layers of hair in the front. Now take the bottom of the ponytail and tug at the band with your finger so that there is an opening above it. While you do this make sure you pull the other half of the ponytail through the opening you have created.

  • A double mega volume Ponytail

Women salons Dubai don’t encourage ponytails as they want to earn extra money by suggesting difficult hairstyles. However, a high-volume double pony tail is an easy option for you to choose while you are in a hurry. It gives you a smart look and also consumes less time. All you have to do is add extra height and length to a normal ponytail and you will look classy yet chic. What you need to do is make a half ponytail by pulling the hair above your ears while letting half of the hair fall down. Now tie the hair that are hanging below into a separate ponytail as well. Use a fine-tooth comb to tease the upper ponytail so that volume is created. Your mega volume ponytail is ready in just few minutes!

  • A twisty

The twisty or the twist and pin is among the most popular hairstyles Abu Dhabi now a days. It is not only easy to make but it looks stylish. It is ideal for women who don’t like their hair to look flat. What you need to do is take one side of your hair and start twisting. Take two bobby pins and secure the twist with them. Make sure the bobby pins are placed in a criss cross position.

  • A braided bun

Most women visit a women salon Abu Dhabi to get a braided bun. This stylish bun may look tricky and complicated to make. However, it is easy as chic. You will have a salon like hairstyle ready in just few minutes and without putting any efforts. All you need to do is take your hair and make a low pony tail. Secure your pony tail with a hair tie. Now make a loose braid of the ponytail and secure it with another hair tie. Now take the braid and wrap it around the ponytails’ base and make a bun. You can secure the loose ends of the braid with bobby pins.

  • A cool girl twisty

This is another twisty which can give a stylish makeover. The cool girl twisty is ideal to keep your layers or bangs in control. What you need to do is take your front hair and separate it forming a triangle. It should start from the center of your hairline and extend to the crown’s midway point. Now twist it while you flip it over your crown. Secure the twist with bobby pins and your hairstyle is ready.

All the above hairstyles can be made within seconds and are ideal for women who are always running late for work and office meetings. Moreover, these hairstyles can also be made for special occasions. This would save a lot of effort and money. Especially in this time when visiting salons is not safe, you can dress up at the safety of your home. However, if you still wish to visit salons near you, you can find a suitable salon by visiting and getting the list of the best hair salons near you.

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